Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sheep as Community Builders

Grueling day at school today.  Test taking doesn't rank high among the preferred activities of many.  I usually don't mind them much, however the timing is something I usually whine about.  Tomorrow I have an art history test.  Fridays are not good test days, in my opinion.

The Art of School

After my test in photography I stepped out to have a break.  When I entered the main hallway, there was a student working on a project on the floor.  My eyes immediately went to this cheerful item:

SHEEP on bag!  Isn't that great.  I stopped to talk with her a bit and admire her other Irish sheep items.  She went to Ireland on a honeymoon (congratulations by the way) and we chatted about sheep.  Hopefully, we can get together soon and view pictures of her sheepy vacation.

I am constantly amazed at the interesting people I have met by way of sheep.

Spinning News

I am working on plying up some of the blue Shetland that I purchased at the wool festival in Bethal, MO.  I was commissioned by a client to spin up something blue.  Hopefully this might meet her needs yardage and texture wise.

Shetland is a lovely wool.  It has a heritage feel to it; soft, yet primitive and a hint at some shine.  I love the color of this wool.  The wool was carded into a batt and has a lot of texture.  Usually I prefer combed fiber, but this one had a lot of personality.  Carding results in a more wild fiber.  The individual strands are going many directions and typically the yarn is full of air.  This depends on the way it is spun as well.  Combing arranges the fibers parallel and the result is smoother yarn.

Spinning is such an intimate act.  Through handling the fiber, I really get to know it.  This is especially true when I take the yarn from the raw fleece, wash it, prep it and spin it.

Loom with a View

I have a new project on the loom.  I'm making a plain woven scarf with some self-striped commercial yarn and a silk hankie which I've separated out and pulled into roving.

The darker section is the silk hankie.  Which has similar colors as the yarn.  The black of the warp is very dramatic.  I have a scarf planned for mister as well as some for the Etsy shop (which should be launched in the very near future).

Sheep in the News

A sheep dog of a different kind...

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