Monday, September 5, 2011

No Ewe Turn

 Happy Labor Day!

Fiber Fair Report

Mister and I had a great visit to Bethal, Missouri.  Bethal is about forty-five miles west of Hannibal, Missouri.  We had about a three hour drive and enjoyed each mile.  There is something about road trips and country roads with us.  Bethal is a charming, historic hamlet of a town.  It was a German religious community back in the beginning.  Now Bethal's claim to fame is the sheep.  We drove into town, made the first left and were greeted by this sign (right).  Sheep jokes are fantastic.  Mister groaned loud and long.  Some people.  Luckily, this wasn't the end to the sheep jokes.

Mister   all the pictures from the day that I'm sharing are thanks to him.  I concentrated on using my film camera for me homework (it was a hardship to do this homework).

The fiber fair was a good size.  There were two tents for vendors with everything from wheels, spindles, yarn, wool (in various stages of beginning to end) and sheep related goods.  I didn't do too much shopping.  I purchased two bumps of lovely blue Shetland fiber for a yarn commission and I snagged an event t-shirt.  Most of what we did was look.  There was a lot to see.

 Sheep to be sheared

Border collies waiting

Unfortunately, the breeds were not labeled.  A large portion of the exhibit were crossbred animals which made identification even more interesting.

Future flock guardians (notice the feet by the wheel)

There were mysterious sheep (groomed and ready for the show ring)

Sheep in leotards

Grand sheep too.

And yes, as promised more sheep jokes.
Working dog demos

And the sights and sounds of the show ring.  
These kids did a phenomenal job.  What isn't shown in this brief clip is some of the animals not walking pleasantly along with their kid.  Some of the sheep gave these kids a bit of a time, but they all handled it beautifully.  

Spinning News

My Daybreak yarn selection seems to have been finalized.  I still need to count yardage on my Davy Jones Blue mix yarn.  I was going to pair it with the turquoise companion yarn (below).  I finished plying that yarn today and I just don't like the colors together - too similar.  Then I held the blue yarn up to a skein of Wollmeise that I purchased a few weeks ago.  What do you think?  

The blue and the turquoise yarn have a matching ply from the Davy Jones colorway.  I love them both and I'm very pleased with the result.  I also have a bit of a brag - I started and finished this ply in one day!  That is a record.  Plying takes F-O-R-E-V-E-R!  Tomorrow I'll skein it up and wash it.

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