Monday, September 12, 2011

Incredibly Inspired

Mister and I took in the annual St. Louis Art Fair on Friday night.  It was a lovely evening - little bit drizzly, a little bit chilly and full of lovely art.  The crowds got obnoxious often - why DO people insist on having a loud, alcohol sloshed reunion RIGHT in front of some poor artist's booth?

There were quite a few fiber artist represented and I was delight to see them.  There was one booth that featured wool felt inlaid into wood, Amy Gillespie Studio.  The colors were spectacular!  Another booth featured milliner (hat maker), Miriam Wiegand.  She was divine and working the crowd nicely.  I think my favorite booth was Sally J Bright, and her take on baskets as sculpture.  Do check out her website, again spectacular colors.

Spinning News

This past weekend, I felt very inspired.  Mister and I spent the weekend doing our thing.  Saturday was spinning day.  I felt like experimenting.

I finished spinning the silk hankie.  I tried something different with my hands and all of a sudden it got better. All I did was switch the twist control hand to my right and my left controlling the fiber supply.  I do the opposite usually when spinning wool (fiber on my right side).  I then ply with the fiber on my left side.

Later I watched a video by Judith MacKenzie that explained why I didn't dig spinning the silk so much.  In the hankie is all the different kinds of silk - good and the not so good.  The hankie just the way it is made creates lumps and bumps.  Judith further inspired me to take my two remaining hankies and use them for a upcoming weaving project.

Next I spun up a sample of Bond roving that I received as a thank you gift with my Allistar fleece.  It was lovely to spin.

Local alpaca and mohair from a friend - hand combed
Then I got a little more complicated.  I took some black alpaca fiber and mohair out of my fleece stash.  I combed each of them and then blended them together loosely.  Now I was under the impression that I didn't enjoy spinning alpaca.  I have spun a few commercial preps before and found them wanting.  The stuff that I had raw, washed and combed?  I wish we had feel-a-blog-ism.  It was heavenly to handle, spin and look at.

Then I took the silk, bond and alpaca and plied them together to create this lovely yarn (right).  I still need to wash and count yardage.  I am planning on knitting fingerless mitts out of this yarn for working outside when it gets colder.

Wool in the News

The Daily Telegraph published an article on the new uses for wool.  Wallpaper, bed linens, lampshades...
I knew I liked that stuff, wool that is.

My Favorite Thing

I am doing a lot of outside the textbook reading and cross referencing for my art history studies.  I ran across this site SmART History.  Do yourself a favor and check it out.  Contained is information about artist, art and videos on some of the pieces.  It is hosted by a team and they are fantastic at providing context and insight into the art.

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