Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wooly News

Wool in the News

I found a link to an article from a British online magazine for a unique wedding dress.  The Bride raises a rare sheep breed, Lincoln Longwool (At Risk on the UK's Rare Breed Survival Trust list), and decided to make them part of her wedding.  Check out her gown and sheep pictures here: Shepherdess Bride

Camp KIP

Last April, knitters and spinners journeyed for a retreat a lovey wine region of Missouri.  After hearing from many podcasts that I listen to of the fun that was had, I had the urge to go.  Registration opened up and Mister told me to go very enthusiastically.  I'm all registered and will be attending the first session of camp in late April.  I'll have four days of relaxing, wandering walk trails, eating and hanging out with my tribe.  I don't know anyone that is going as of yet, and I'm very excited to meet other knitters and spinners.  Want to learn more, visit the Camp KIP website


Davy Jones Locker 
I have a lot going on right now and I'm excited about each of them - wish I had more hours in the day.  Currently on my bobbin is yarn for a shawl called Daybreak by Steven West.  It is a really neat graphic shawl worked with two colors.  My vision is to spin up two bobbins of Dyeabolical's Davy Jones Locker colorway  and one bobbin of a turquoise color and one of a blue and then ply each color with Davy Jones.  I should be a neat color trick.  Hopefully it will work out the way I envision.  With spinning there is always an element of surprise.

I'm also taking the remaining part of my Winona fleece and combing it out to spin for a hat.  This project is unblogable because it is a gift for a friend.  Rest assured I'll share it after it has been gifted.  Here is a sneak peak of some locks of wool on the combs.  And, yes, the combs look like torture devices.  Combs are sold in pairs and can be used as handheld or one can be clamped for stationary use.  They do a beautiful job of cleaning dirty fleece and produce a soft worsted prep (smoother with all fibers lined up) for spinning.  Having carded, drum carded and now combed wool, I can say combing is my preferred method.  I find myself using the mini-combs (left).  They are lighter and I like the results I get with them.  The combs on the right are heavier and my clamp isn't really suited to them.  I may sell them and try to find a pair that is lighter and easier to clamp.

My other spinning project is using one of my Jacob fleece to make a pair of mittens.  Not any mittens but sheep mittens.   Aren't they sweet?  The Jacob fleece that I'm using is primarily black and white with some grey.  I can blend more grey so my thinking is to use white for the sheep outline and a grey for the background.
The colors of Jacob


I've been knitting up a mini storm of late.  Currently I have three projects on the needles:

Live Oak Shawlette from Knitscene Fall 2011
I'm knitting it out of Dream in Color - Baby in Cloud Jungle colorway.  It is smooshy, soft and lovely to knit on.  I have approx 700 yards, so I'll be adding in repeats in the lace.  Gotta use up yarn.

Summer Love Socks - free pattern on Ravelry
Knitting it out of Trekking sock yarn colorway 105.  Seems ironic to knit summer socks out of fall colored yarn.

Harris Tweed Socks for Mister - free pattern on Ravelry
The yarn is Jwrayco hand painted sock yarn.  This is a "local" Missouri dyer.  Supper stretch and soft.

I hope everyone is having a good start to their week.  Looks like we have finally had a break in the oppressive heat in the middle west.

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  1. Love the wedding dress, Davy Jones colors, and the sheep mittens!