Wednesday, August 24, 2011

School Days

Here I am turning in a tardy blog post.  I tried yesterday, but I was done in by sleep deprivation and packed schedule.  Returning to school isn't all sunshine and roses.  I'm happy, but having a hard time adjusting to an alien schedule.  Being sleep deprived at eighteen is very different than thirty something.  My body just doesn't handle it like it used to.  Being a non-traditional student is great for making one realize they aren't so young anymore.  Still, I'm enjoying my classes and excited to tell you all about them.  But first....

Weekend News

Mister and I look forward each year to the YMCA's Annual Bookfair.  It is a treat and most books aren't over a dollar.  Now Mister and I recently donated thirteen boxes to the would think that we wouldn't need any more book.  Apparently we did.  We came home with approximately fifty books.  Here are some of the treasures.

Just the perfect thing to jump start my art school itch.

Speaking of weaving...I have something to report in that area.

On the Loom

I finally warped (length threads)  my new to me old Schacht Rigid Heddle Loom.  I used a commercial white yarn and a few strands of my winona fleece yarn.  For the weft (width threads) I'm using all winona fleece.  It is soothing work and very repetitive.  Raise one set of warp - creative a shed, toss the shuttle through (storage for the weft threads), beat down.  Raise the other set of warp, toss the shuttle through, beat down.  Repeat.

Lost in all the weaving terms?  Hmm, sounds like a blog post is in order.

Spinning News

In other news, I've been plying my little fingers away.  Turning this:

Into this:

I've finished the above bobbin, and need to skein off the yarn, wash it and see just how much yardage I've got.  This is the yarn that I'm planning for the Daybreak shawl, but we'll see.  It was a wild experiment in color and I'm not quite sure yet how it worked.  I still have two bobbins to ply as well.

The Art of School

Monday morning, I packed up my backpack.  First I had to find my backpack, but it was located and filled with various things: folders, notebooks, art history text (HEAVY - thank gosh I don't need to bring it to class), and knitting.  Yep, knitting - don't all student pack knitting?  Yeah, so I've gotten some interesting looks from the kids as I sit on campus and knit.  The other bag you see in the picture is a camera bag.  A dear friend lent me her 35 mm film camera for my photography class.

Mister and I are doing some back to school shopping at the camera store tonight to make sure I have all my supplies for photography class.  My professor for that class is a working photographer and got me really excited about the class.  The end goal of the class it to produce ten pieces that can go into our portfolio.  Since I'm planning on applying to the BFA program, I'll need a portfolio.

My other two classes currently are art history classes.  One class covered prehistory through Renaissance and the other is post Renaissance through modern works.  I'm enjoying them both immensely and look forward to learning all I can.

I have two classes that haven't started yet - Drawing and Design.  Due to late enrollment at my school, I am having to take these classes through the community college.  The sections I was going to take are full and not excepting wait-listed students.  A minor kerfuffle, but I found a plan B.  These classes will start mid-September and give me a bit of time to adjust.

Coming up on Thursday...

School news continued, a crochet project and hopefully some finished yarn.

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