Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Big Day

Remember when I said I applied for art school?  Well, the latest news is I have been accepted into the program and I begin next Monday.  This means that I've been running around like a mad thing getting paperwork in, meeting with this office and that, getting ID, textbooks and a parking pass.  I never imagined that I would return to school like this, but her I am.  Mister ventured out with me to partake in the experience.  I think it finally hit me after I left the art building.  I'm going back to school.

I'm exhausted from the day, but I have a pleasant buzz about what is ahead.  I have a few kinks to work out yet with my advisor.  Two classes that I need are full, but there is a way to compensate for that.  So far I have two art history classes and I'm very much looking forward to them.  In keeping with my New Year's intention, I am taking a photography class as well.  The other two classes are intro to drawing and visual design.  I have some basics to get out of the way and then I can venture off to textile work.  I'm very much looking forward to being exposed to other media as well.

I'm hoping to get some time to finish spinning up some projects that are ready to ply.  Hopefully, I can share them with you soon.

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