Friday, August 5, 2011


As you may have noticed, I've done a bit of redecorating.  In the coming weeks, other things will be added.  I'm excited to unveil my new name, logo and shop.  Mister is working on designing and building a website for me.

Dog of my Soul

I missed posting yesterday.  One of our dogs, Trinket, is having some good days and not so good days.

Trinket came into my life as a rescue.  She was a year and half and exactly what I was looking for in a dog.  When I heard about her, I had goose bumps.  When I held her for the first time, I knew she was mine and that I was hers.  We've been a pair ever since that day in February of 1999.  She changed my life.  From a shy youngish girl, to training dogs and talking to large groups of people - Trinket was there with me.  She changed the way that I trained dogs and we spent hours perfecting exercises and tricks.  She adores working and loves to show what she knows.  When my mom died, and I brought home her Shih Tzu puppy, Sophie, Trinket was so patient.  Sophie was wild and I did nothing to squash her enthusiasm for life.  Trinket taught Sophie manners and shared the attention beautifully.  They became the perfect pair, both eager to work and to love everyone.

When Sophie developed a brain tumor and her life began to slip away, Trinket was just as confused and shocked as I was.  We've been through a lot together.  Meeting Mister for the first time, meeting Mister's dog, Sadie, marriage, the death of my father, school, jobs and day to day life.  Trinket has been there.

Trinket is almost fifteen years old, so it shouldn't be surprising that her good days and bad days would be out of balance.  Still it is and I'm finding myself doing pre-grieving.  Her eye sight is fading, her hearing isn't so good and her senility is causing her herding genes (she is a sheltie mix) to go a little haywire.

Mister and I are constantly tripping over her as she is underfoot.  The fact that she really can't see where we are makes her underfootness even more problematic.  Her appetite took a nose dive yesterday and that was very alarming.  Trinks has always been a committed eater and gradually she has tapered off.  She gets detracted easily and wanders away.

Trinket has lived with seizures and has been managed with medication for years.  A few months ago, we had to tweak her dosage as she was having break through small seizures.  Her seizures are under control once more.  Getting old isn't for sissies.  Trinket's life still has quality and she still has a sparkle.  Today she is much better, so I'm trying to live in the now with her.  I don't want to think about letting her go.

On a happier note, I'll share this video with you.  Warning, it has an extremely high cute factor.

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