Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer Travels and Tour Update

Hope everyone is having a good week so far.  We are under an oppressive heat/humidity wave here in the middle country.  Yesterday with the heat index it was 115.  Yuck.  With this time of heat it makes it hard to feel like doing much of anything.  This past weekend, Mister and I pushed through and took some day trips.

Travel About

We went to a fiber festival in southwestern Missouri.  It was small, but neat.  I did not buy any fleece.  I just wanted to get that out in the open off the bat.  Before we went in, I asked Mister to tell me that I didn't need any fleece if he saw me looking.  He was a good husband and cheerfully told me so twice.  The first fleece I saw that had me thinking was a lovely three pound Border Leicester fleece.  I was drawn by the color, but I didn't really need it.  I have a BL cross fleece, and I'd really like to experience different fleece.  I walked away like a big girl.  Later I returned to examine the fleece again.  I took a lock out and to test it for tenderness.  To do this you twang the lock to your ear and listen.  It should sound like a guitar string, this one said crunch.  Uh oh.  I took another lock from a different area and heard crunch.  Then I picked another lock and this one was okay.  So this fleece had some issues.  When a lock sounds like cereal being smashed it could indicate a break in the fiber growth.  This could be from stress, lambing, food issues, health, etc.  It might make a fleece harder to process by hand or my mill and cause breakage.  If I was going to seriously buy this fleece, I would have asked to lay it out and do more examining.  Luckily the fleece was purchased while I was there.  

What I was really looking for was silk and I found it.  I purchased three silk caps with the help of Mister for color selection.  I've not spun silk yet, but I think I'm going to like it.


After we left the fiber event and had lunch, we continued onto a local park which is a magnet for anglers.  We sat in the shade and watch the fly fishing.  Despite the heat, it was quite pleasant in the shade with a breeze coming off the spring.  I told Mister that I would really like to try fly fishing.  Perhaps it would be a good excuse to stand in cool water.

The next day brought us to a local county fair and to a Civil War encampment.  It was a hot day, but again not too bad in the shade.  We took in a horse show (which I neglected to photograph), some of the tractor pull, looked at the cattle and poultry barns.  I didn't see any sheep, except for the three that were in the petting area.

My mom brought me to many county fairs when I was young.  I've always enjoyed them and it is a great way to see sights we don't have in the city.  I love the food, the fun and the people watching.  Mister and I plan to go to many more this summer.  We must take in a demolition derby as well.  Mister has never seen one in person, and that is truly something we must all see at least once.

Then we headed over to a Civil War Camp/Reenactment.  Were were in time for the cannon firing demonstration.  It was very loud.

 Mister and I have gone to two events.  The larger was back in September in Pilot Knob, Missouri.  I meant to blog about it, but apparently I neglected too.  I will have to correct that and share some video and pictures.

After being out in the heat all day, we rested up at a local antique mall where I spotted this little wheel.  She didn't come home with us, but I found her fascinating.  Very delicate treadle, which appears to have been mended long ago.  Her paint is also interesting, barely visible, but I detected orange and perhaps green and black.

Tour de Fleece Update

I've had a bit of a wonky spinning schedule with our travels.  I'm back to it.  I have four bobbins of singles 12 oz total all spun up.  I'm working on plying two together and will hopefully finish my first 2 ply today.  There is A LOT of yarn to ply.  I'm not really guessing how many yards I have, but rest assured there is at least million/gazillion on there.
Yesterday was a rest day for the Tour, but I stayed busy.  I washed most of a Jacob fleece yesterday and finished up the rest early this morning.  Lovely, wouldn't you say?

sheep side view - downy white and lovely black

Hop everyone has ways of staying cool.  I'm off to finish plying.

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