Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Spinning Myself a Life

Happy Tuesday!  I have a rather length update today.  Let's just jump right into it!

Big News

I've decided to make the leap and head back to school.  I've applied to an art program and will specialize in textiles.  I'm very excited and of course a little nervous too.  This will be a totally new school experience for me.  Mister has been my biggest cheerleader on this front.  After earning my "practical" degrees and not finding a job/job satisfaction, it is time for me to work towards the degree that I never let myself think.  Since diving into fiber arts, my life has taken on a whole new direction.  I'm happier, learning all the time, meeting interesting people and discovering long dormant aspects to my personality.  My true self has been waiting for me to get to this time of my life to reveal itself.  It is exciting and I'm ready to see where this time will take me.

Can you IMAGINE the back to school shopping I'll have to do?  I'm waiting to see if I've made the deadline for this fall.  If not the back up plan is to start at school where I earned my undergrad degree and then transfer in the spring.  The art school is forty-five minute drive and Mister and I had a campus visit last week.  I need to go back and tour the art building.  After walking the campus for over an hour for the tour, we were done in with the heat (105+) and hunger.  

The school is located in my father's hometown and we spent some time just wandering.  I took Mister to the family cemetary and we managed to locate my family's plots.  I hadn't been there in a long time and my memory was a little off.  I was quite alarmed to see the state of the grounds.  Apparently, the cemetery is no longer in operation and while the lawn is cut, no other tending has been done.  We found a lot of stones completely covered in old lawn clippings, head stones moved and broken.  It really upset me to see it.  My grandfather's headstone was covered in old grass and soil has begun swallowing it into the surrounding turf.  My grandmother's stone was cockeyed and Mister managed to right it.

Tour de Fleece

The tour is over and I managed to spin 14 days out of 23 days.  I had intended on spinning everyday but I did manage to get a lot done.  I prepped, spun and plied my Winona fleece, washed a Jacob fleece (on a rest day), spun lace weight singles of turquoise wool, spun 2 oz of Dyeabolical fiber, and prepped one of my silk caps for spinning.

Here are the highlights:

Spinning News

I've promised Mister and myself to work on getting all my fleece washed in a timely manner.  I don't like having dirty fleece hanging around.  My goal is to get it all washed, properly stored and begin to work on processing it for projects.  Today I washed my lovely creamy Shetland fleece.  Now my dirty fleece count is: three (two Jacob fleece and 4 oz of alpaca)......plus one.

Yesterday was a very happy day.  The mail brought my much anticipated package from Joanna of Gleason's Fine Woolies.  I ordered three pounds of Bond fleece.  I had heard spinners rave about Bond and about Joanna's fleece in particular.  I was curious so I contacted the shepherd and we did a bit of back and forth.  Please meet Allistar.  His fleece is like hot chocolate mixed with heaven.  I wish we had smell-a-blog or touch-a-blog.  It is the softest fleece and smells like fresh earth.  Allistar's fleece is the cleanest that I've ever seen.  Joanna keeps her sheep coated and this is not a simple process.  It is labor intensive and allows her to produce the highest quality fleece.  Be sure to visit GFW's website, Joanna has pictures, stories and a lot of helpful information.

I'm planning on spinning for a sweater, mittens and much more.  Right now I'm content to smell, pet and dream.  Thanks Allistar!  I plan to get more fleece from Joanna in the future.  This stuff is heaven.

Staple length of 4.5" - wow!
Coming up on Thursday: Washing fleece how to and tips for beginners.  Until then, a video of my CPW in action.  Still working on getting her replacement parts ordered.  It will be good to get this grand girl working again.

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