Saturday, June 11, 2011

Last week....the lost week

Starting a new job was quite an adjustment - one that I'm still trying to accomodate.  It has thrown off a lot of things and really is cramping my knitting and spinning mojo.  While I try to re-adjust my interal and external scheduling, I thought I'd share some fun that Mister and I had this past weekend.  We headed out to lovely Prairie du Rocher, Illinois for the 41nd Annual Rendezvous which takes place in a restored fort near the river.  Despite the heat, Mister and I went and grand time.  Here are some of the sights and sounds.
Mississippi River out of her banks.
Lovely spinning wheel for sale at a vendor tent.  Hmm, wish I sat down with her - $150 seems so reasonable.

Interior of Fort de Chartres

Flax prep for spinning.  This is a primitive hackle which is used to comb the flax fiber.
Primitive loom
Kilted lads!

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