Saturday, June 18, 2011

Counting Weeks and Sheep

Hello readers.  Still trying to adjust to work schedules so not back to usual blogging. I've been hitting the stupid tired mark about 9:30 pm each night.  Upon coming home, making dinner and trying to cram in house and pet chores - I seem to be running out of hours.

Mister and I are currently sitting tight with some potential decisions and news.  Despite a lot of opportunities to practice, we really haven't perfected our waiting skills.

Finishing It Up

I have managed to finish some things, but no photographs yet.  Mister's birthday socks are complete and well loved.  I finished my summer mystery shawlette last Saturday.  It is still unblocked!  I could show you, but right now it looks like bright turquoise limp ramen noodles.  Hopefully, I'll take the time to block it this weekend and photograph it.

Spinning News

I've been working on spinning up 4 oz of Rambouillet fiber from Funky Carolina that I acquired from a destasher.  Due to my hours it has been sitting only 1/8 plied on my wheel.  My goal it is to finish plying it this afternoon.  I have a crafting night tonight and I'd like to take my wheel along to spin.  Tomorrow is my spinning group meeting so I need to finish plying!

Last Sunday, my lovely long supportive husband and I went to a small town nearby to meet a local shepherd. I purchased three Jacob sheep fleece from them.  Jacob sheep are really interesting and these fleece made my heart go thump bump.  In a Jacob fleece, one can find multiple colors and textures. I've posted pictures of my fleece.  Two show the range of color - brown, silver, white, and black - these are soft and squishy.  The bottom picture shows a different texture - much more hair like.

The shepherd was most anxious to sell off their lot (60 or so) and my spinning group has been connect with them.  The shepherd was selling three fleece to a bag, so I just purchased one bag until I knew what I was really getting.  I came home and sorted them out.  Jacob fleece are on the smaller side and my largest fleece weighted in at just over two pounds.  I'm hoping to make sweaters for Mister and I.  After washing, the fleece tend to loose weight from grease and debris.

A person in my spinning group was interested in them as well and I posted pictures and my take on the fleeces.  The group was very interested in them as well.  The fleece were purchased in one huge lot and the buyer is now selling them by fleece to interested people.  Tomorrow, we'll go through the fleece, bag them up and hopefully move a lot of them.  I'm wanting one more Jacob and also a Shetland fleece.  I meant to look at the Shetland fleece when I met the shepherd, but after seeing the color and texture of the Jacob, I lost my head a bit.

Jacob sheep have had a bit of a PR blitz in the spinning world.  Popular blogger, The Yarn Harlot, recently stormed the web with her handspun Jacob shawl.  Me, I'm loving working with heritage breeds and supporting local folks.

So today, I'm washing fleece and spinning up yarn.  It seems a perfect way to spend the day.

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