Thursday, May 5, 2011

To all things...untangled

I spent the good part of the day yesterday untangling my yarn.  Yep, it took hours.  What yarn you ask, well it was one skein of Miss Crabtree and it involved  398 yards of beautiful handspun yarn.  What happened was a combined effort of a swift, skeinwinder and human error.  Oops.  Anyway, it is untangled, reskeined and all is apparently well.  I'm going to wind it into a cake soon and begin my Japanese Garden Shawl.  I think I deserve that much after all the work.

 I think I'm a bit in love with the color!

No much spinning has taken place since the Miss Crabtree incident.  I did begin to sample from my fleece and I've begun spinning up a potential commission.  Nothing to report of that front yet.  I'm still processing fleece and enjoying it immensely.

The biggest effort right now is what is on the needles.  I've put aside my projects to focus on my socks.  These are my May socks, but are even more special.  They are for Mister as his birthday is Sunday. So far he is destined to have perhaps one completed sock by birthday time.

I've been working on other projects which have taken up some time.  I'm in progress of building my own website, renaming my company and relaunching my line of fiber, jewelry, etc.  Mister and I have been taking care of some home front projects as well.  It is amazing how much time that takes!

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  1. That color is just lovely! Sorry you had such a rough time of untangling it... I just hate untangling skeins. Even if I do love the color, it's such a painful process.