Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sheepish Days

Rambouillet Ram
Saturday was a whirl of action and adventure.  I spent the day on a local farm for shearing day.  I took home some fleece to experiment with it.  Unfortunately, I'm not confident that the fleece is processable.  Perhaps if I could send it to a commercial operation, but it is rough quality fleece.

The farm isn't raising sheep for the handspinners' market, but rather for meat.  I won't gross out some of my more delicate readers, but I did get to witness a lamb being processed and the experience was quite moving.  The men did their work with care and respect.  The meat looked beautiful and the sheep was happily and carefully raised.
Navajo-Churro Ram
Spinning News

I have skeined up my blue lace yarn and the yardage totaled and impressive 430 yards!  The skein has a graduate gradient color shift that I just love.  I'm so glad I stuck with this fiber - it is very impressive!  I still have about 4 oz left to spin.

Other News

We are celebrating; I have accepted an offer for a new job!  Waaahoo!

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