Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Right Kerfuffle!

Mister and I have been watching the series, Little Britian, on Netflix and really enjoying it.   On of the characters uses the phrase a right kerfuffle which just cracks us up.  I haven't heard the word kerfuffle in ages and now it seems to have become the word of the week.

The show is little snippets of various characters doing their thing.  Most of the characters are return each show and I've developed  my favorites.  It is comedy series, sometimes raunchy and they really don't hold a lot back.  Now I should warn you, this series is not for the faint of heart or those easily offended.  The first season was nice, but by the second the creators really went for it.  There times where I was laughing and saying I couldn't believe that they said that, or did that.  By the end when a familiar character would appear I would look over at Mister and say - "Uh oh..."  Think Monty Python, SNL, and multiple it by 100.

Unfortunately for us only seasons 1-2 are available on instant play.  We received season three disc one in the mail yesterday.  We cheerfully sat down to watch but were quite amused when our DVD player informed us that the disk was dirty.  We attempted to clean it, but had to report the problem to Netflix.  Perhaps the DVD was just trying to shield our eyes from whatever season three has in store.

I've finished a few things this past week.  My citron shawl is FINALLY finished.

Mister has one birthday sock finished.  The second is currently in progress.

Garden News

Strawberries are ripening by the day.  I've begun the race to pick them before the chipmunks get to them.  There have been a few scores on their part, but our count is going up each time I go out back.  I'm tucking them into the freezer for storage until I have enough for a pie or jam.  I'm also beginning to think that I need a garden basket.  I guess I'll be making another basket again.  hmm

Spinning News

About a month ago, someone gave me a bag of fiber and a HUGE drop spindle.  They had purchased it with the intention of learning, but never had the time.  The fiber was two large bumps of blue and turquoise fiber. I was a bit concerned about the fiber at first.  It had been stored for a bit of time which can result in compressed fiber that can even felt.  Still I was up for a challenge.

I began spinning the blue a few weeks ago.   Monday, I began to ply.  At first I thought I'd ply for fingering with a three ply.  I did a sample and didn't like the look.  So I sampled for two ply lace weight and it looked right.  I just finished plying as of this morning and it is resting on the bobbin.  Tomorrow, I'll skein it up, wash it and let it dry.  This weekend I'll re-skein it to measure yardage.  What I know at this point is we have lace, it is lovely, and I'm very pleasantly surprised.

Mystery On the Needles

I've ventured into a new adventure.  Wendy Johnson of Wendy Knits is having a Summer Mystery Shawlette Knit Along.  I casted on yesterday and I'm currently knitting through the first chart.  It is a little scary committing to knit something I don't know what it looks like.  But I love Wendy's lace shawls, so I'm trusting her.  Wendy, don't let me down!

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