Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mister: The Birthday Edition

It's Mister's birthday today.  This year's theme is "the gift of time."   In keeping with my theme, I decided to show Mister how much I love him by spending my time.  We have talked about taking a tour of the Scott Joplin House here in St. Louis.  Now I'm putting it on our calendar.  The above song is the Maple Leaf Rag by Scott Joplin.  This ragtime piece was one of the first songs Mister ever played for me on the piano.  

Mister is also received his second pair of  hand knit socks (still in progress - oops), handmade card and a handmade book. All this followed up dinner with his father.  

I made Mister's favorite, cannelloni, and finished with an adapted version of Julia Child's Bombe aux Trois Chocolats (below).  Mister's mom traditionally made this for him for his birthday, and now I'm picking up the tradition   Three chocolates: dense brownie cake, mousse and chocolate sauce.  It take a bit of time to make, but is heavenly.  My version nixes the fussy cutting and modeling of the chocolate cake and tastes exactly the same.  

Happy Birthday to my husband and best friend! 

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