Friday, May 13, 2011

A Little Hyper-Focused

Yesterday Bloggers seemed to take a sick day, so here is Thursday's post.

I have a little endearing personality quirk (Mister do NOT smirk while reading this) where sometimes I get my mind set on doing something.  If I'm interrupted by oh say - work, life, having to go to the bathroom, eat, sneeze or anything that could possibly drag me away, I can get a little flappy.

I have been working on my Citron Shawl again ever since finishing Mister's first birthday sock.  Yesterday, I had eleven rows to go and I was feeling so done with the shawl.  I mean, I love knitting, I love shawls, I love the yarn, but I'm just ready for this project to be done.  So I had a vicious round of finish-it-up-itis and hyper focus.  Today (Friday), I have two rows left and then the bind off row.  I have read from others online that the binding off is a little brutal with 540 stitches to deal with.  I've mentally prepared myself and I'm ready to go heads down again and finish up the shawl.

Right now it looks a bit like limp ramen noodles.  Hopefully by Tuesday's post it will spread itself into a magnificent shawl.  I'm in the homestretch and I'm going in to finish.  Have a great weekend everyone.

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