Thursday, April 28, 2011

Progress, step by step

Spinning News

Lots of progress this week.  Fleece is all washed and the last of it is currently drying on the sweater racks.  It has taken a bit for it to dry.  I need to break up the clumps a bit and let it dry in smaller sections.  I'm supper happy with my fleece!  I've spent days online lusting after other fleeces, but I'll have to wait on those.  Mister and I have talked about driving to a few other fiber festivals.  Nothing is for sure at this moment.  Since the two of us are in job search mode a lot of things are up in the air.  My job status depends on his job and I won't know what to do about a job until he hears.  Very complicated.  Anyway, we are in standby mode here, but hopefully I'll get my fingers into more fleece soon.  Anyone know of a shepherd in the St. Louis area that wants a farm hand? 

Miss Crabtree is all spun up!  I worked for hours yesterday plying my first two bobbins.  Plying takes forever and I have to take many breaks as it irritates my hands and wrists.  Still, don't you think it is worth the effort? 

I started working on plying my final two bobbins this afternoon and I'll get them skeined, washed, yardage calculated and re-skeined this weekend.  I've secured myself a critical piece of equipment for accurate measurement and skeining that I'll pick up tomorrow night.  In the past, I've used a niddy noddy.  The twisting and skeining of my yarn with a niddy noddy leaves my wrist (carpal tunnel) in agony.

Miss Crabtree spun up much finer than I expected.  I'm awaiting another tool to help me better gauge my spinning.  While, I had been hoping for a fingering weight yarn for the Japanese Garden Shawl, it appears that I have a million yards of lace weight.  I might have to rethink my plans a bit.  I'm grateful that I won't have to skein this amount of yardage up onto a niddy noddy.  The thought of doing that made my brain and my tear ducts begin to make plans.

I've been giving my new lazy kate a great workout.  I love her!  She holds my bobbins perfectly, is made very well and didn't cause me my first born puppy!  I found her at Ogle Design on Etsy.  I was so impressed with the craftsmanship on this kate.  The pegs are removable and then stored inside the kate.  The kate closes securely with a magnetic clasp and can be put into my spinning bag for travel  Ingenious!

Well that is all for this week!  Hope everyone has a safe and lovely weekend!  
I'll be up early tomorrow to watch Prince William and his Kate begin a new chapter.  I'm just beside myself with excitement.  I remember being a very young girl watching his mom marry.  I love weddings.  
Such a lovely statement about hope and possibilities.

Sheep charm on the back of my wheel.

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