Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Mister and I spent the week on the road.  While Mister was attending to business, I took a trip the the Yarn Barn in Lawrence, KS.  I enjoyed my drive through the rural countryside.  People are so down on Kansas, but I found it very beautiful.

The road was hazy from the steam rising off the fields in the early morning sun.  It created quite an atmosphere - haunting and filled with the potential that spring brings to planting.

I passed many fields, cows at pasture, horses and even some sheep.  It was a perfect way to begin my day.

Downtown Lawrence is just perfect for strolling.  The main street, Massachusetts is filled with specialty shops, and restaurants.  I had planned on spending most of the day in Lawrence, but I was still exhausted from our five hour drive the day before.  What began as a plan for the Yarn Barn, the campus of the University of Kansas and Haskell Indian Nations University, was shortened to the Yarn Barn and then lunch.  I did manage to squeek into a Kansas gift store before crossing the street to the Yarn Barn.  Inside the gift store, I was greeted by the Wizard of Oz (yes, we are in Kansas), Sunflower items (Kansas is the sunflower state) and of course KU's jayhawk.  I smile each time I see jayhawk.  He reminds me of my father's best friends, Dick and Marianne.  They were devoted jayhawk fans and introduced me to the rivalry between KU and the University of Missouri.

I wish I had taken more pictures of downtown Lawrence.  Chock it up to tired brain.  The Yarn Barn is in a little nondescript store front just to the left of the crossing sign.

While the outside is nondescript, the inside will dazzle the mind of any knitter, crocheter, spinner or weaver.  And it did that to my brain and more.

 This picture is about a quarter of the way into the shop.  When you want into the shop directly to your right is a HUGE floor loom.  To your left, a table full of knitters.  There is yarn everywhere and weaving equipment!

Halfway into
the store - looms, too many to count.  Floor looms and just in the background is a table full of table looms. 

And in the back?  Spinners' heaven.
As far as I could tell, the Yarn Barn stocks every known wheel that I have ever thought about or read about.  It was magical!  They had a nice stock of fiber and after picking my poor brain off the floor and trying to compose myself, I selected some fiber.  

I scored one pound of Jacob top for my spinning pleasure.  Since I'm on a bend to find new to me fibers/rare fibers this one fit perfectly.  I love the dark greyness of the fiber.  After finishing at the shop, I asked for good local eats.  The kind folks at the Yarn Barn pointed me towards a restaurant just across the street, Ingredient. It was the perfect place to decompress after the wonders of fiber.  I enjoyed the quiet and the food was really good (and there was so much of it too)!  

Mister was shocked later on to learn that I had only purchased one thing from the Yarn Barn.  I think he expected that I would come home with a new wheel, books, gadgets or yarn.  I looked at everything, but really I was content with my Jacob fiber.  I'm finding myself less drawn to buying yarn, and more to fiber.  I can spin my own yarn, so perhaps that is why the change.  Anyway, I enjoyed my time in Lawrence.  Perhaps in the future, I will have to explore it more.

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