Thursday, April 7, 2011

For Pete's Sake

First of all, my March socks are totally finished!  Yes, I finished April 5, but that was after extensive non-knitting spells due to travels.

These were out of Dyeabolicial's Strong Arm Sock Yarn in the butternut squish colorway.  I used the sock recipe from the Yarn Harlot once again.  I love these socks.  They are so wonderful to wear and such eye candy too!

Spinning news - I'm waiting on plying up Mister's sock yarn.  The reason for the wait is I started spinning my own sock yarn.  AND I'm hoping to hook myself up with a better lazy kate.  A lazy kate is a tool that holds the bobbins of yarn and allows the bobbin to spin off the string while I'm spinning the two single yarns together.  I'm going to a sheep and fiber show this Saturday - perhaps I'll find one there.

I'm doing something different for my sock yarn.  I've pulled the colors apart in the fiber and I'm spinning them separately to create long runs of colors.  In this case dark & light greens, gold and then brown.  I'm really enjoying spinning this fiber.  It is from Fiber Optic Yarns.  I'm almost finished with the first bobbin.

I've been doing a lot of reading lately and I'm really starting to get the sheep itch.  I've selected my breed already and all I need to do is acquire land to keep my sheep.  Hmm.  Wonder when that will ever happen.  As much as I enjoy this fantasy, it won't be for many many years.  First of all - Mister says no.  He has agreed to a few hens someday when we live where we can keep them.  Second of all - keeping sheep would really complicate our pet sitting arrangements.  Face it, soon we'll have the means and ability to travel more and I want to make up for lost time.  As much as I dream about keeping a couple of Finn sheep, they will have to wait.  And besides that....I would need a guardian for them so that would mean a donkey, and I haven't even mentioned that to Mister yet (Hi Honey!  See my restraint?)

So putting aside my sheep dreams, I've been thinking about acquiring some unprocessed fiber to try my hand at working with it.  This would involve washing it and then carding it to ready it for spinning.  I'm again, holding back, because of our uncertain moving future.  I would also need to purchase carding tools, which are expensive and I'd like to get a class first.  The Spinning Loft has a solution of sorts for me.  They sell a fiber box of various breeds (fine, medium, long and primitive wools) that I could sample.  The processed fiber sampler box contains 1 oz sample of twelve different breeds.  Hmm, gonna have to think about that.  I checked my supply and I currently have about eight different breeds of wool in my stash.  Some are mixed with something others are in the "pure" form.  Anyway, I'm wanting to expand my horizons and try as many breeds as possible.  I have a list made up for Saturday's fiber show.  We'll see what I come home with.

In other news....

Did major garden/patio work today.  I've planted some cauliflower and broccoli that I purchased at the market.  The leaves look a little rattled.  Oops....we'll see if they make it.  I have some lettuce almost ready for picking and I put some peas in the ground today.  Sticking with early crops with the potential move.

Bigger changes....
Mister and I finally killed our cable connection.  We realized that we were spending $80 a month for something that we really didn't use that much.  We used the heck out of the DVR, but what we recorded was..... local free programming.  Does that make sense?  Much of this programming is available online for free.  So if we aren't around when it is on, we can catch it later.  Sounds a lot like a free DVR to me.  For Pete's Sake!  For $80 we can purchase a set of DVDs, more fiber, a sheep (Mister trick!), a really really nice night out, etc.  I realized tonight that I don't miss cable at all.  There were many times that I wanted to watch TV to mellow while knitting, but I could find nothing to interest me (with 130 channels?).  Mister and I also use the heck out of our Netflix subscription and watch a lot of TV series that way.  Here we were throwing money to the cable company for a service we just didn't use.  Silly!

I did get an antenna for our TV upstairs.  Our living room set is older and we need a converter box and antenna.  Waiting on that one.  If I find a deal, I'll grab it, but so far no need.  We can hook our laptop up to the TV upstairs for streaming shows and we have DVD players at both sets.  So far no need for anything else.  The funny thing is I'm really not missing the cable.  I've found so much else to fill my time.  I'm spinning a lot.  When spinning, I'll listen to music or a podcast.  I've been doing more papercrafts.  Again more music and podcasts.  When I'm knitting, I'll watch something on the computer or just listen to podcasts.

Mister and I have resumed our dinning at the table habit of long ago. The last few years we lapsed into eating dinner in front of the TV watch recorded shows.  When my father was alive the family dinner time was a highlight.  We would all gather at the table and talk.  Some of our favorite shared memories are there.

So we are making progress towards the life we want and overall things are good.  I'm enjoying the life that I've been working towards for years.  Happy.

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