Tuesday, March 15, 2011



I finished my Coquille shawl and I love it.  Apparently everyone at the knitters' meeting loved it too.  I got compliments on before I even made it through the doorway.  Then when I was sitting, a woman behind me actually lifted my hair out of the way, began petting the shawl - THEN she proceeded to unwrap it.  So much for personal space.  I love the yarn, Mini Mochi (304 colorway) it is super soft and I adore the color.  

I also did some sewing.  I made another needle case for my sock size metal DPNs.  I also made jewelry pouches for my Etsy store jewelry.  Now when folks purchase my jewelry, I will tuck the item into a beautiful handmade cloth bag.  This will protect the item - especially easy to scratch pearls.  I used mostly luscious batik fabric for the bags, you can see the small army here.  I adore the circle cloth - I wish I had more of it.

Still spinning away on Mister's sock yarn, casted on for a shawl out of handspun and working away on my March socks.

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