Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Place For Everything

I've been working on my spaces.  Perhaps it is a heavy dose of spring cleaning or the possible move in our future.  Whatever it is, I've been cleaning sorting, rearranging and trying to get my craft and office space into alignment.  It all started with trying to get a multi-purpose table set up in my office (photo right - art journaling in progress).  I achieved that, but then the years of accumulated stuff started calling me names.  I've gathered quite a donation stockpile and I still have to go through the closets and other rooms upstairs.  

Which brings me to yarn stash.  I am always amazed when I encounter people with lots of stuff.  I've not been in the stuff hoarding mood.  Call it experience with hoarders - not a pretty thing.  When I get to a certain level of stuff - in this case yarn - I begin to feel stressed.  Not judging other, but large quantities just don't work for me.  My stash is small - Ravelry (social network for yarn people with inventory capabilities) tells me that my stash contains 36 items -fiber and yarn together.  I keep Ravelry updated so I'm sure that is accurate.  Separate from my stash, I have my destash tab - which contains  24 items that I'm looking to sell or trade.  My regular yarn fits into these tubs and is nicely organized.  My destash yarn is in another bin, which I keep in the closet.

When you have some spare time try image Goggling: craft studio, yarn stash

I've finally gotten my spinning space to rights.  I have a rocking chair that I currently use - not an ideal spinning chair, but for now it stays.  Space is at a premium, and I don't want to put the chair into storage in the basement.  After the sewer backup, I don't want to put anything in the basement anymore.  Either use it, store it on a shelf or get rid of it.  I keep my spinning supplies in a basket - oil, scissors, fiber, etc.  This set up works for me.  I also keep a crocheted shawl in my office for when it gets chilly.
In other news, I've been working on spinning the singles for Mister's sock yarn.  I finished the first bobbin last night.  Hopefully I'll finish the other today or tomorrow (or next week....) so I can ply them for April socks.

Happy Spring!  Now back to cleaning and getting rid of things!  Recycling center, here I come!

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