Thursday, March 10, 2011

Clicking away with updates

So last Thursday I posted about my Coquille Shawl which I was over the moon about.  Well I'm about 3/4 of the way through it and I'm still over the moon.  This would make a fabulous shawl to knit with handspun.  I've had a stick poking at me to get this shawl finished.  I'm chopping to get started on a shawl with my handspun and I'm narrowing down pattern choices.  This will be with the alpaca fiber and the lovely BFL yarn that I posted last week.  My two top choices for shawls are:  Citron or Lingonberry.  I have both patterns printed out, so of course there is a wild card chance that I'll pick something else to knit.

I also posted about my Stripes Alive KAL socks.  Well a could of more rows in and I jumped ship.  I hated the pattern so far and why knit something you hate?  I frogged the yarn and will use it to make equally fun socks in another pattern.

I did cast on for socks in Dyeabolical yarn, Butternut Squish colorway.  They are so bright and cheerful.  I've been neglecting them in my purse in favor of finishing up my shawl.  I never really committed to a sock month, but I do want to try for it.  I'll get cranking on these soon.  

The peals that I posted last time have been finished and delivered.  They were so lovely to work on and their owner is delighted to have them good as new.  I love this process of enjoying the item and then enjoying seeing the reaction of the person receiving it.  

In spinning news, I've begun spinning up some superwash wool (superwash means the item is machine washable and will not felt or shrink) for socks for Mister.  Mister really enjoyed his first hand knit socks so I decided to really go all out for him.  I'm hoping that my spinning will result in yarn for socks, so hopefully the spinning spirits and my efforts will cooperate.

The colors are very dark so far, blues, browns, purples, and black.  I'm planning on picking out a companion commercially spun yarn for the cuffs, heels and toes.  I'm going to challenge myself to learn a new technique for the heel as well.  Always learning, always trying to stretch myself.

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