Thursday, February 3, 2011

Miss Crabtree!

I am on a mission.  Yep, a mission.  There is this lady that I've been lusting after.  She's a real beauty and I really want to have her and covet her.  Who is this woman?  Well, her name is Miss Crabtree and I'm just smitten with her.  She's just really indescribable.  Perhaps I should show you her picture.

Wanna see?

I have been stalking Miss Crabtree online for days.  Despite my efforts, she keeps slipping through my fingers.  Yesterday, I thought I'd finally gotten her.  Word got out that I was looking and someone emailed me.  We made arrangements, sent payment and cheered myself lucky.

Today I got an email from that someone.  She said that she had been stressing all day about our arrangement.  She really didn't want to send me Miss Crabtree, had other uses for her.....blah blah blah blah.  She was rather silly in her email plea.  What was I supposed to do?  I had already paid for Miss Crabtree, she was supposed to have been sent today and now this evening I find myself with this email.  I was NOT happy.  I emailed that someone back and told her that no, fine, refund my money and left it at that.  Wouldn't my mother be so proud of me? I did not say what I was thinking.

So Miss Crabtree had once again alluded me.  I've begun a new negations with someone else.  Will this finally lead to Miss Crabtree settling in with me?  We shall both find out.

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