Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Knitting and Spinning Selections

I thought I'd take this time to share with readers some resources that I've found to be of use.  While spending the hours spinning away I've discovered many podcasts!  Here are few of my favorite (in no particular order):

Spin Doctor Podcasts - English professor reviews, shares tips and news on all things spinning.  From the website description, "SpinDoctor is a bi-weekly podcast hosted by Sasha Torres that reviews products, services, events and information for those passionate about spinning their own yarn.  It focuses primarily on spinning equipment, fiber and books, but it also covers fiber festivals, fiber processing companies, and information sources for spinners like DVDs and blogs."

Yarnspinners Tales's Podcast - Covering a range of topics - how to, reviews, dyeing fiber, plying, and spinning different fibers.  Be sure to check out the color theory lessons.

Knitmore Girls Podcasts - Mother & daughter team up to talk knitting, patterns, events, troubles and triumphs.

Of course there are so many website that I love too.  Here are a few you should know about.

Photo.Knit.Dog. - Lina is a gorgeous knitter, photographer and knitwear designer.  I get very excited when my Reader alerts me that she has posted a new blog post.  Check out her blog soon - she has a contest going on!

Yarn Harlot - if you are a knitter, you have to know about Stephanie Pearl-McPhee.

Knitty - free patterns, reviews, articles, blogs, etc.  A super source for really great patterns.  Did I mention that they have great free patterns?

Spindlicity - A great all around resource - how to, project show and tell, reviews and articles of interest to spinners.

I'm spinning this weekend and working on knitting Mister's Mardi Gras socks.  I can't wait to share the results with you.  Coming up next Tuesday: fiber and some spinning victories.  Have a lovely weekend, readers!  I'll leave you with extreme herding.  I promise you I get a little teary each time I see this video.  As a former border collie handler, I'm just in awe of these dogs.

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