Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Great Upheval

Interesting times around here.  Mister has been sick.  Sick sick.  It started last week with a toothache that pretty much wiped him out.  Now the problem is we do not have dental insurance.  We get health insurance through his university program it is top notch.  He began calling places last Thursday and of course could not get in.  With the holiday on Monday, it seems a lot of health care providers took a mini-vacation.  We called the low cost clinic and they could see him at th end of March.

We have an appointment for him tomorrow for a friend's dentist and for his own doctor.  His toothache has subsided and we found what maybe the true problem - a raging, funky, aggressive sinus infection.  With him being out of commission, I've been trying to keep him and the house from falling apart solo.

Confession time.  With Mister sick, I've been a little bit very freaked out lately.  Since my dad got so sick and then died, I'm still processing his loss.  Any sort of sickness now touches my fight or flight reflex.  I know intellectuality things are okay, but my animal brain/emotional brain isn't coping well.

Not much spinning going on or knitting.  I did begin spinning up what I hope will be a companion yarn to the alpaca that I posted last week.  Yesterday, I drove Mister to work and spent the time while he was teaching knitting in the lobby.  I finished the heel flap, heel turn, picked up stitches for the gusset and began the decrease while he was teaching.  Perhaps my most productive knitting in a week.  I finished Mister's first sock in a week, but this match seems to be a two week sock.

It seems a lot of the people close to me are having a rough go of it now too.  Lots of illness, injury and just all around hard time.  Sending good thoughts and prayers for all you who are struggling.  I hear you.

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