Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Finish It Up!

I have finished my first pair of socks!  TaDa!

Slippery Socks
Yarn: Ancient Threads Sockittome

 I will send my photos into The Loopy Ewe as I've now completed the challenge.  These socks were a challenge too!  The cable was tiny, the needles were tiny (2.25 mm) and the act of making socks challenging.  I have room to grow too.  On my insteps tiny ladders have formed - I need to figure out a way to correct this in the future.  My first sock is also way tighter than my second.  My tension on my yarn was too tight due to lack of experience.  I also spent most of the knitting of the first sock fighting with bamboo needles.  These needles and this yarn were not a good combination - grabby, grabby, grabby!  Ugh.  I was so glad when I finally broke down and purchased steel needles.  They made for a much more enjoyable knitting experience.

Since I finished the sock, I have been wearing them for a time here and there.  They are super comfy (except, I wish my first one was not so tight).  Poor Mister keeps hearing, "Hey, did you see my socks?!"


  1. Very nice! What a wonderful first pair of socks! :)

    For the ladders along the instep: You have to pull the first two stitches along the next needle very tightly to prevent ladders. After a while you get used to this and just do it automatically, but just make a mental note to yourself to really cinch those stitches tight along any new needle and you'll get rid of the ladders.

    Can't wait to see more socks from you now. :)

  2. These are absolutely gorgeous. I'm marvelling that these are the FIRST pair of socks...that size and that guage, FIRST pair. I goggle in wonder and amazement. And hey, @ photoknitdog: thanks for the tip. I, too, have laddering going in my first pair of socks (done at a MUCH fatter guage than these!) Next pair, will be aware of the cinching the stitches trick. I feel so inspired! Where are my needles....