Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Two hands...busy hands!

We've had a lot of excitement around the place lately.  Perhaps one of the biggest was a sewer backup in the basement which resulted in thousands of dollars in clean up and ruined property.  One of my New Year plans was to get rid of crap in the basement - well....check that one off.  Not all of it was crap however.  I lost my blocking mats which I had neglected to put away from blocking my shawl, dining room chairs, some things from my dad, a nice drill, some other power tools, etc...  My hand made star quilt was on the floor by the washer for laundry day.  Unfortunately that meant that it was also by the floor drain.  So I need to find someone who will clean it from raw sewage.  Uck!

Better news is I've gotten a lot of knitting finished lately.  One of my favorite is a beret that I made for myself out of stash yarn.

Brambles Beret

Sock update - first one is finished !

I've cast on for the second and I'm going to make some adjustment for the next one.  The first had some laddering ( little gaps of yarn between stitches) on the gusset of the sock (between heel and foot).  My arch and instep are a lot taller than I thought.  Hopefully my second will be better!

The big new is that I finally have a spinning wheel.  I've been practicing for a week and getting my body used to doing many things at once.  I really enjoy the action and I'm really glad that I have some experience with a spindle.  Spinning yarn with a spindle is harder, but a different kind of hard.  I have a spinning lesson tomorrow with someone from my spinning group.  I hope that I can pick up some better techniques and get some questions answered.  Here is a short video of my early spinning attempts.

Of course I've been slowly adding fiber to my stash now.  I have some yummy alpaca blend, wool top from Lorna's Laces, some locally grown fleece from a hodgepodge of sheep, and two braids from Dyeabolical.  I am in love with Dyabolical yarns and fiber.  Rachel has a great eye for color and beautiful yarn and fibers are the result.  Feast your eye on Fruit Salad.  

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