Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Survey of Projects

I've been knitting up a storm with my First Quarter Challenge
I'm almost done with my very first sock.  I've learned so much with this project and I have really enjoyed knitting it.  I'm working on the foot and I have three inches to knit before beginning the toe portion.  I knitted a lot of this sock while at the 2011 Joint Mathematics Meeting.  Mister was attending the conference for interviews and to present.  It was great knitting time for me!  I spoke with about six math people/knitters and had a grand time.

I've tried on the sock and it is a bit tight.  At first I was disappointed.  I felt that I'd finally gotten it.  Now I'm a bit more pragmatic about it.  This is truly my first sock.  I've done this on my own and I can't be good at everything the first time out of the gate.  Give myself a break for once, geeish.  So I think things will improve after I wash and block it.  My second sock will be better.  For one, I've switched to metal needles.  I grew tired of fighting with the bamboo and fuzzy sticky yarn.  Now my stitches are just gliding a long and the sock is more of a pleasure.  The bamboo was bowing and I was worried that I'd break a needle.  No worries now.  Plus the stainless steel needles glisten and are very fetching to the eye.

I have two more socks in the wings waiting for attention.  While I'm not really committed to a number for my year of socks I want to try for 12 pairs.  We'll see.  Between a sweater and other knits, I'm not sure how I'll time out.  While on our trip to New Orleans (which I plan to blog about soonly), I picked up a skein of Mardi Gras color sock yarn.  My husband will have Mardi Gras socks just as soon as I finish my cable socks.  Next I have the Loop Groupie gift of sock yarn and pattern.  It is a very pretty lace sock pattern and I'm looking forward to that one as well.

So I've been keeping an eye out for sweater patterns to knit.  So far I have two that I have earmarked as contenders.  Sweaters are tricky for fit.  They can add a lot of bulk to a woman's bits and I want to avoid that.  I want fitted, but not too.  I seem to prefer a pull over.  Suggestions?


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