Sunday, December 5, 2010

A REAL Knitter

So I completed my first project with cables today.  There is something about knitting an item with ribbing and cables that just made me feel like I've arrived.  I feel like a real knitter Knitter.  I can't think of anything more representative in knitting than the combo of ribbing and cables.  They are everywhere, but most people only get to experience them in factory made knitwear.

Holiday knits are being completed almost daily!  However, I'm also adding to the to be knit list almost as frequently.  Will I ever complete my Wollmeise shawl or socks?!  Perhaps they will be the perfect thing to work on when Christmas day arrives.

I wish I could show pictures of completed gifts, but that will have to wait.  I never know who is reading this blog so I want to keep the secret.

Holiday Knit List

  1. Crochet spiral scarf - finished
  2. Crochet round star ornaments (4) - finished
  3. Crochet mohair scar - finished
  4. Winter Flame Scarf - finished
  5. Crocheted Scarf - finished
  6. Broken Spiral Rib hat- finished
  7. Stuffed Dog ornament - out of my first handspun yarn - finished
  8. Child's pink cabled hat - finished
  9. Woman's cabled hat
  10. Cowl (new add on)
  11. Gift for mother in law? (new add on)
  12. Hat for husband - he knows about this one, as he picked the pattern.
  13. Crochet dove ornament for gift for hostess
  14. Five stuffed bears (if I have time)

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