Friday, December 3, 2010

The Great Holiday Knit Off

With times being lean, a banked up stash, and my knitting prowess growing - handmade gifts are the way to go this year.  I've been working with a vengeance since the beginning of November (some where finished months ago) on projects and instead of shrinking my list - it keeps growing.

  1. Crochet spiral scarf - finished
  2. Crochet round star ornaments (4) - finished
  3. Crochet mohair scar - finished
  4. Winter Flame Scarf - finished
  5. Crocheted Scarf - finished
  6. Broken Spiral Rib hat- finished
  7. Stuffed Dog ornament - in progress out of my first handspun yarn
  8. Child's pink cabled hat
  9. Woman's cabled hat
  10. Hat for husband - he knows about this one, as he picked the pattern.
  11. Crochet dove ornament for gift for hostess
  12. Five stuffed bears (if I have time)
I'm enjoying making each item.  I find that while I'm working each one, I'm thinking about the intended person.  During the whole black Friday crazy parade - I was at home knitting, watching movies and enjoying family time.  Handmade holidays - it is a good thing (sorry Martha).

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