Thursday, December 30, 2010

Commitment 2011

I don't like New Year resolutions.  Last year I ran across someone that suggested that we set intentions or a theme for the coming year.  My husband and I set down the intention to be more adventurous with traveling.  Despite grad school, the death of my father and a whole lot of upheaval, we did it.  We took big trips - San Francisco and Arizona, and we took a lot of little day trips, unexpected road trips and enjoyed ourselves.  I also brushed off my crochet skills and worked a lot on it.  Then fulfilled a many year longing to learn to knit.  Oh boy did I!  Most of my holiday projects were knit!  Knitting has added so much to my life.

It looks as if 2011 is going to be adventurous as well.  In 2011, my husband will graduate and he is currently in the middle of a job search.  His job search is broad - we can and are willing to move anywhere.  So we are likely to have to pack up, sell our place and venture off.  It is thrilling and a little mind boggling as well.  Because of a possible move, our garden plans for 2011 are not forthcoming.  Perhaps a potted tomato and some lettuce, but nothing in the ground that isn't already there or volunteers (tomatoes I'm looking at you).  Hopefully in 2012 I can do a garden in a big proper way and chickens too.

Here is my personal intentions/commitments for myself.  What do you plan to do?

2011 Intentions
  • Knit socks.  I tried my hand this year and worked one almost to completion.  I don't like the yarn and I've made a few errors in switching from one person's pattern to a recipe (thanks Yarn Harlot - so much easier first time out of the gate).  I plan to photograph my toeless sock and then frog it.  I can use the yarn for a scarf, hat, etc.  This will be my year of socks.
  • Complete the Loopy Ewe's First Quarter Challenge 2011.  I've started cabled socks.  If they don't work out I have back up projects.
  • Knit a sweater
  • Knit something Fair Isle - what is Fair Isle - feast your eyes here
  • Do a project with mitered squares - what the heck is a mitered square?
  • Clean, sort and GET RID of crap in basement, closets, etc.  We we're gonna move it has to be done, but even so I've feeling the need to go minimal.
  • Continue to expand our network of healthy, supportive, awesome friends
  • Begin writing down every book I read in the coming year.  I used to do this, but fell out of the habit.
  • Find something I really love to do vocation wise (where we end up will have its effects) - find a job I love, go back to school, develop a serious business or a business plan based one what I already do
  • Walk the dogs at least four times a week.  More is better, but I have to start somewhere.
  • Take a photography class
  • Take time at least three times a week to work both dogs.  Both old and young dog love it.  Old needs it for stimulation and the young needs it for energy output.
  • Be more conscious of spending time with Trinket (more on her in another post)


  1. These sound like great goals! Socks are always wonderful to knit and I'm having 2011 be a year for socks as well, though I've been knitting them for a while.

    I love that you might be moving very soon too. Can't wait to read about your move and life in a new country. :)

  2. Great intentions. I should do some...