Friday, October 22, 2010

Wollmeise - Part Two

So yesterday I finally did it.  I made a decision and cast on the Wollmeise for a shawl.  I finally choose the Butterfly Bush Shawl.  I wanted to do a lace project and this one seems a nice beginning lace shawl.  I'm also a sucker for butterflies - especially since I'm in a period of transition as well.

Internet, I'm in love with it.  I love the blue of the yarn.  I love that I have loops of dark blue, medium blue AND light blue on my needle at the sametime.  Wollmeise might not cause me dramatics, but wow it is pretty.

So far this shawl has taught me new things.  How to insert a lifeline and I've learned new stitches: ssk, s1,k2tog, psso.  Neat!  It is fun to see the pattern slowly emerging.

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