Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday: Wish List and a Garden Update

Ever since I saw someone using a drop spindle to spin yarn....I've been coveting getting into spinning.  It seems like such a "me" thing to do.  Plunging in and getting a wheel is a little unrealistic right now.  I do so want one some day soonish - perhaps this one or this one.  Until then, I'll practice on my soon to arrive drop spindle.  Drop spindles are found in many cultures and are very inexpensive.  What is a drop spindle you ask, see here.

It has been a long time since I've posted a garden update.  How does a neglected garden grow?
Apparently, pretty well.

These were all harvested within the last few days.  The small cherry tomatoes are from a volunteer plant that has taken off within the last month.  Did you read that right - a VOLUNTEER PLANT....as in....one that I didn't plant.  The best producing plant is one that I didn't have anything to do with - other than letting it grow and then staking it.  Oh well.  They are delicious.

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  1. Veggies (and fruit!) look good! I can't believe it is November (or end of October when you posted this) and you are still getting produce!