Monday, October 11, 2010

Playing Hard to Get

Wollmeise.  That word can cause websites to meltdown, whip knitters into a frenzy, and a lot of bad behavior.  I first heard of it shopping on of my favorite stores/e-retailers, The Loopy Ewe.  I learned that they have to release it into the market slowly, a little bit at a time, and no one knows when it will go up on the shopping site.  People will stalk the site - waiting.  When it hits the yarn goes fast - very fast - like minutes people.  The Loopy Ewe announces when the yarn hits with Facebook.  Then there is the flood of comments - scored some!  Whoohoo I got five skeins!  Dang - missed it again!

I've been online at such times - I go, I look, I dither about color and then suddenly there isn't a choice anymore.  Do I need more yarn.  No, really not.  I have lots of beautiful yarn.  I've never even seen Wollmeise in person.  Never touched it.  I'm curious about the stuff though.  Why does it drive so many people crazy.  Why do they fight over it?  One of the features that I'm not fond of on The Loopy Ewe is that products can be removed from your cart while you are in the shopping site or even in check out.  If someone is faster than you - your yarn is gone.  Eewww.  I understand that they can't hold merchandise for ever in limbo, but ewww.  I've never had this happen to me, but I've read the stories online.  

So how can you get your hands on Wollmeise if you are unwilling to jump into the virtual mosh pit?  Ebay has lots listed.  I read a post form the owner of Wollmeise that stated - sellers who repeatedly resell the yarn on Ebay may be blacklisted for future ordering.  Yikes!   So don't buy direct from Wollmeise and then turn around and sell it on Ebay.  Got it. I looked around and saw prices on Ebay were getting inflated than their retail sale price at the yarn stores.

So, I did what any sensible person would do.  I went on Raverly, found someone destashing a beautiful skein and bought it from him.  I'm excited.  The color looks truly wondrous.  I'm worried however; what if it doesn't live up to the hype?

Here is the same color - different skein of yarn.  What do you think?

Wollmeise Blaue Tinte Contrast

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