Sunday, October 24, 2010


Yesterday was the harvest festival for the local market.  The day started off very eventful.  After parking, I heard a woman scream, "Stop that dog!"  I saw someone running and a cheerful terrier sprinting away.  I wondered if I could get him and changed my path to converge with the dog.  He was by this time slowing up a bit to take in the wonderful park smells.  Then he turned, looked at me and I made myself really exciting and interesting.  I play bowed at him, crouched down and asked him to come to me.  He leaped into my arms, wiggling, kissing, and very excited.  As soon as he realized that I had no intention of letting him free again he squeaked in protest - CRAP!  Game over!  The poor woman now caught up with us and I returned him to her.

It was then onto the market.  I visited Dyeabolical's booth.  Earlier in the yearn I had gone and picked up this lovely yarn.....

and made this lovely shawl:

I get more compliments on this shawl.  People just love the color.   Yesterday I picked up two skeins of yarn.
 Butternut Squish Strong Arm Sock Yarn
Merino Silk Lace yarn

The lace yarn was cast on to be a lace knit scarf yesterday.  I'm starting with an easy pattern - something that I can learn new stitches with but be able to watch TV while doing.  The Butternut yarn is giving me the eye and suggesting that it might be time for me to learn to knit socks.  I just love the color and the colorway name.  Perhaps my yarn is correct - perhaps I should learn to knit socks.  Bossy yarn.


  1. I love the first green yarn color!

  2. It is beautiful isn't it. You are partial to green if I remember correctly? Hugs to you.

  3. Yes. I'm a big fan of green. I have something green on every day.