Friday, October 22, 2010

Knitting: A Journey

So weeks ago when I first began to knit I can honestly say for a about a day - I hated it.  Just hated it.  I was convinced that I would always be a crocheter and never a knitter.  All the while I kept at it.  I kept knitting.  Then I began to love knitting and then hate crocheting.  Now, I'm more balanced.  I love both.  I honor both of my skills.  Now if you want to offer me some yarn to learn which one I love more, we might be able to talk about that confession.

With the acquistion of a new skill, I've been to many local branches of our public library in search of reading materaial.  I've found a few gems that I'll share.  The first is Knitting Rules! by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee.  The Second is Yarn Harlot also by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee.  Both books are humorous accounts of knitting.  The first is a little more about knitting itself and help bring me through my initial dislike of the skill.  The second are essays about knitting and knitters.

I'm almost finished with  Yarn Harlot (note my clever bookmark - a ball band from yarn).  She has a follow up book  Free-range Knitter that I'll look for soon.

So I've done some rearranging in my purse to accommodate my projects.  I went to the container store last week and found a nifty little pill box with three compartments - one large and two small.  So now I have a new needle and stitch marker box.  For $0.99!

So it is official, I now have pattern binders for crochet and for knitting.  I'm slowly accumulating knit patterns and trying to determine my next big project.  Do I go with the Wollmeise project or should I do a scrap shawl project to use up some of my remaining sock yarn pieces?

I've finished a bit of projects.

Mister's hat:


My first knit shawl:

Another easy hat:

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