Friday, October 8, 2010

I'm a knitter now

So while I have plenty of free time on my hands, I've taken up knitting.  Last week I arrange for a private lesson with one of my favorite knit shops.  I began work on a scarf using Encore Worsted yarn in a yummy not quite navy blue.  The stitch that I was started on was simple - knit two, pearl two (k2 p2).  Thus began my leap into knitting.  At first it didn't go so well.  I dropped stitches, reversed stitches and generally did a good job of mucking it up.  Instead of going back to the shop to get help, I wanted to figure it out on my own.  I frogged the whole darn thing numerous times and got pretty good a casting on.  Finally I went to the shop and got some additional help.  Today, I'm a happy knitter.  I finished my first project which turned out to be a cowl instead of scarf.  I got bored with the basic stitch and I'm ready to take another leap into more advanced projects.

I've started a hat for Mister.  I go from knitting preschool to a middle school project - knitting in the round!  So far it is going really well.  I'm using a very very basic easy project to begin with - Knit Picks Easy Peasy Knit Hat which is also demonstrated on YouTube here.  So far It is looking like a smooshy circle - I knit on.

Meanwhile, I've been crocheting up a storm.  I've finished more shawls, scarves, a baby blanket, a baby hat and even my first cardigan.  Right now I have two projects on the hook - a scarf/wrap call Clapochet based on a knitted version Clapotis.  Both are free patterns.

This will be my second and third Clapochet.  One is in a very dream brown tone with silver thread - Dream in Color - Starry yarn and the other in Cascade Alpaca Lace painted yarn.  I've never worked with Dream in Color yarn, but I'm hooked.  This wrap is a commission for a friend.  She allowed me to pick the pattern and yarn color and I really hope she is pleased.  It will be a very dreamy wrap.  One thing I really like about this pattern is that it is not a one trick pony.  Need a scarf?  Great.  Need a wrap - good to go!

Here is my first execution of this pattern:

After I complete the Dream in Color Clapochet and Mister's hat I already have my eye on my first knitted shawl: LaLa's Simple Shawl.  I'm going to attempt this shawl by changing the yarn to a very delicate Dream in Color Baby.  It is a lace weight/really light fingering yarn.  I've chosen Cloud Jungle.  I've looked at it seem that folks have changed the needle size from 10 to a 6.  I'm going to try 8 and if not I'll go down.  We'll see.

It is very exciting to be able to crochet and knit!

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