Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer Doings

It has been hot here in the Midwest - very very hot.  Today I believe the heat index was 106.  I don't even really bother to check the weather anymore.  My garden is suffering from heat and bit of neglect.  Happily we've had rain the past few days for a bit.  I'm stepping up my efforts to water in the mornings. I spotted eggplants in bloom!  I picked the first two tomatoes yesterday - REALLY late compared with last year.  Last July we were drowning in tomatoes.  Hopefully, production will pick up.  I noticed the potato plants are dying back; could it be that it might be time to find out what we have?

I've been busy with summer projects - cleaning, clearing out, crafts and readings.  I signed up for a 10 book summer reading club and I'm happy to say that I finished early last week.  Yay!  I've enjoyed my summer reading.

  1. Friday Night Knit Club - Kate Jacobs
  2. The Outliers - Malcolm Gladwell
  3. Knit Two - Kate Jacobs
  4. Bed of Roses - Nora Robers
  5. In Defense of Food - Michael Pollan
  6. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night - Mark Haddon
  7. Savor the Moment - Nora Roberts
  8. Sweater Quest - Adrienne Martini
  9. Cleaving - Julie Powell
  10. Fireworks Over Toccoa - Jeffery Stepakoff
My cleaning projects have been going well.  Mister and I made a To Do list of big projects and we've been tackling them when we can.  As I said before, it's hot here.  The air conditioning is plunking away, but still I feel hot all the time.  Mister and I also sat down yesterday to schedule out our major chores and when we wanted to do them - vacuuming, sweeping, recycling runs, etc.  We put them into our Google calendar to help keep us on target.

Speaking of Mister......

Sunday was our first wedding anniversary.  We took a road trip on Saturday and then stayed Sunday night at our honeymoon hotel.  It was a lovely and low key event. 

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