Sunday, May 9, 2010

These May Days....

Happy Harvest day.  For the past few days I've been harvesting a few strawberries a day.  Today I broke out the shears and took a few chard cuttings.  The colors just hurt my eyes with beauty.

I did some extensive work on the garden and patio today.  Cleaning up, putting away and planting the last of the seedlings.  I donated a few plants to a local chapel for their plant sale.  I got a few back today that I'll bring into work tomorrow to see if anyone wants to plant them.  If not I'll have a few more eggplant and peppers to plant.

Mothers' Day is always a hard day for me.  This one I've been missing both my parents.  So I took a nap and then got to the garden.  I should always remember how much better I feel after that.  Somehow I forget.  Maybe I should start paying my garden for the therapeutic work it does for me.  Something about weeding and getting my hands dirty.

I've started using hanging baskets in the garden.  Since my space is limited on the ground I need to go up.  Peppers and eggplants are experimentally planted in them.  We'll see.

As far as eating here is our meal tonight.  Stir fry with chard from the garden and chocolate torte cake with strawberries from the market.  In honor of Mister's birthday yesterday.
In other news, the worm bin got a new layer today.  The worms have pretty much turned all the paper and scraps into compost in their first layer.  So tonight I tore and tore and tore and tore and tore and tore and tore newspapers up.  Then I misted them with a mister bottle (SO much easier than wetting it, which gets it too wet).  Then I added coffee grounds, filter, many tea bags, strawberry scraps and chard scraps.  Then I removed the lid from the first layer - said hello and then added the new layer.  I'll check it tomorrow evening to see if anyone has moved up.  Very exciting to have home made compost.
While at the farmers' market yesterday I purchased some locally dyed yarn (YAY!).  The was a person there hand spinning yarn with a drop spindle.  He made it look so easy and relaxing.  So it seems that I'm destined to start spinning my own yarn.  I've already started scouting classes nearby and we'll see.  Here is a video of a similar process.

If you hand spin yarn, drop me a line.  I'd love websites and book recommendations.

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