Sunday, April 18, 2010

Garden Update

What's Growing:
Strawberries - fruit to appear soonly
Sweet Chocolate Pepper

Red Wetersfield Onions - hmm very whimpy after lots of care.  Next year I'll try sets.  Transplanted to garden bed this past week.

Listada de Gandia Eggplant

Chioggia Beet - I'm not sure this one will go anywhere.  Seedlings transplanted to garden bed - little root action.  Perhaps next year they should be directly seeded to garden.

Rocky Top Mix Lettuce
Plato II Lettuce Mix
Cracoviensis Lettuce

Five Color Silverbeet (chard) - nearly wiped out by hard rain.  I bought a supplemental six pack set at the farmers' market last week

Mustard Greens
Black Cherry Tomato
Garden Candy Cherry Tomato
Bloomsdale Long Standing Spinach
Cherokee Purple Tomato
Melrose Pepper
Little Marvel Garden Pea - creeping up toward the sun

Just Planted
Tonga di Parigi Carrots
Blue Jade Corn
Yukon Gold potatoes
Red Pontiac potatoes

What's to come - later planting:
Black Valentine Bean
Lyaluk Cucumber
La Ratte Fingerling Potatoes

Brandywine Tomato
Verde da Tragilo - all but three seedlings were wiped out due to heavy rain.  I'm not sure if the remaining plants will make it.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

What I've been doing....


Crostini, green leaf lettuce, watercress (farmers' market find), spicy chicken sausage, roast chicken (from the night before), walnuts, goat cheese and homemade vinaigrette. 

Iced tea - mmmm.
Garden Days

Strawberries in bloom...soon.

Seedlings have been moved to the outdoor greenhouse. 

I've taken a baby step today with the garden.  I put up the new and hopefully dog proof fence to block off a larger area for pots and garden bed.  Potatoes - two kinds were planted today.  My shipment of La Ratte potatoes should arrive this week.  Still to plant: carrots and corn.  We've had such warm weather that I'm tempted to out of the greenhouse, but I hesitate.  We'll see.  Last frost date is next week so maybe.


Started this shawl using the local yarn that I bought in Sedona.  I went to Sedona's Knit Wits to find Sedona color yarn and found this beautiful soy silk.  So much fun to work with.  I'm trying to pour all my recent and past thoughts and mourning for my parents into it.

Going to Sedona was going home.  It was far more joyous and sad than I would have ever guessed.  So a shawl will be the result of my trip and a good remembrance.