Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekend Progress - seeds, yarn bag and forming new connections

This weekend was particularly busy and productive.  Spaced in between commitments of our faith community, I planted more seeds!  Yes, earlier than the garden calendar suggestion, but just by a bit.  I couldn't wait anymore.  It was a beautiful weekend here and I  took the garden calendar's suggestion by trying to eek out an early crop of peas.  So - announcing officially - the peas are planted.  We stopped at the hardware store today for more fencing.  The big brown varmint dog, broke down the temporary garden fence and was happily stomping on my garlic crop and digging. 

There is news from the garden - Chocolate peppers are finally appearing!  Can you see them? Top left cell and bottom middle cell.
 The other sprouts are getting big - Beets, onions, basil, and eggplant:

In other news I've started gathering containers to get an idea of what I have.  My plan is to start labeling containers with the intended resident plant.  I read in my container garden book about using trash cans for potatoes.  We have a large trash can on the patio now that we aren't using.  I'll wash it out and disinfect and then we'll have our potato pot.


Finally I wrapped up Sunday with my new yarn bag.  I wanted something bright and cheery for the season.  I found this sweet chicken fabric online and had to have it.  If I can't have hens yet, I can at least have a fun yarn bag.  This time I made it wider, taller and improved on things that I wished I had done before.  Of course I forgot to take pictures while it was in progress.  Here is the end product.


We had quite an intense weekend.  Mister and I had committed to starting a social justice project with our new faith community.  The conversation was very intense, hard but very good.  I feel like I grew so much from having that experience.  On Sunday we met with the minister to talk about joining the congregation.  I never, ever would have thought that I would join a "church" - never.  But this place is different and welcomes diversity in belief, and people.  It is a good fit for Mister and I.  We have felt so welcome and it doesn't wig me out the way a lot of other organized religious bodies have in the past.  We've found some community and people we are beginning to connect with.  This is a good thing.  Perhaps in the future we will not have to go through things alone.  I signed up to provide care and concern for other members in need.  I do not want anyone to have to worry about feeding themselves while grieving like Mister and I did.  Why don't people send casseroles anymore?  We should could have had some when my father passed.  So I will do unto others and feed them in times of need.

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