Saturday, March 13, 2010

One Person's Trash

Is Another Person's Recycling.

This is a picture of about one month's worth of recycling created when we were a family of three.

Because our subdivision did away with the recycling bins years ago when changing trash providers, we now load our car sometimes cars up and haul it to a a municipal center in another town (about 20 minutes away).  This was taken months ago and I find it interesting how much of this is paper.  This is still true for us today as a two person family.  We've eliminated most of our plastic bags by using cloth totes.  At first we forgot we had them, now we are pretty faithful in using them.  Plastic has reduced with eliminating soda from my intake.  I would typically get one fountain soda a day from the gas station.  Sometimes I would remember to take a cup to reuse.

I took this picture to send to our association to try to get recycling back into our neighborhood.  Even if we could get a paper bin.  To think that people are throwing away perfectly recyclable items just is amazing.  We produce less actual trash now and soon that should be reduced even more when the worm bin can start keeping up with our kitchen trash.


  1. Depending on where you live...Chaminade College Prep off of Lindbergh has a recycle bin that takes everything...I run my stuff there.
    Paper, plastic, box cardboard (cereal type), tin cans, and glass. It helps a school ($$$ go to the scholarship fund) give a deserving student a break.