Wednesday, March 3, 2010

From Seed

This weekend I started some seeds indoors - beets, basil, onion, eggplant and chocolate pepper.  Today I looked and found the beets and basil had popped up. 

Am I the only one that is still amazed that this happens?  Despite taking various science course and growing things in the past, I'm still in awe that you can plan a speck of something and watch it grow.  

Mister and I purchased a portable mini greenhouse for the patio.  I started some lettuce and greens this weekend and today.  So far it is nice and toasty inside.  The temperature has been ranging between 30-40ish degrees lately and the sun has everyone out basking.  Hopefully conditions are right and we'll have fresh salad soon.  I picked storage bins for container gardening and drilled holes.  Unfortunately I couldn't find this size in a lighter color.  But I figure I'll move them out of the sun so the container doesn't get too hot later in the season.  

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