Monday, March 15, 2010

Changing Over - Homemade Microwave Popcorn, iced tea and more

In keeping with trying to do more ourselves, save money and eliminate unknowns from our diet.  I've been wanting to make our own microwave popcorn.  Saturday was Farmers' Market day and we picked up some organic local popcorn. Beautiful!

So how to make your own microwave popcorn?

Brown paper lunch bag
1/4 cup of corn
drizzle of olive oil
dash of salt

Fold bag top over a few times and stick in the microwave for 2-3 minutes.  Listen and take out when 5 seconds between kernels.  Pour in bowl - add more oil if desired or cheese, etc.

Last bit of advice - do not leave unattended with family or significant other. 

I did some calculations.  Our bag from the market was $3.75 and has about nine servings (1/4 cup of un-popped corn).  That is about $0.42 a snack!  Cheaper than the store and no chemicals in the bag.  We can also recycle our brown bags after! 

We have made other changes around her as well.  I stopped buying pre-made ice tea and started to make it at home.  It is so very difficult.  Boil water add to pitcher over 4 tea bags.  Let sit for 3-5 minutes.  Take tea bags out, put in bowl for worm bin later.  Chill the tea and refrigerate.  We have a ridiculous amount of tea on hand anyway and now we do not have an additional plastic jug to recycle.

Next task: home made instant oatmeal.  Just as soon as we use up the prepackage stuff we have on hand.

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