Saturday, February 13, 2010


We finally finished our worm bin.  The red wiggler worms arrived yesterday and were added to the worm bin.  They are now feasting on tea bags, coffee grounds, banana peels and so much more.  This year I wanted to start composting on the small scale to benefit houseplants and the garden.  
 Speaking of gardens....I have a bunch of reading that is fueling my garden dreams.  I'm so much looking forward to spring.  I signed up for a few classes through the community college continuing education class.  My garden classes are growing spring crops, container gardens, and vegetable gardens.  Hopefully I'll get some great ideas and knowledge to tackle this new garden.  I so enjoyed my experiment last year.  We still have frozen tomatoes in the freezer.  Hmm, maybe I should make a really really good spaghetti sauce.

I signed up for two other classes to help my personal growth - crochet and yoga.  I'm trying to consciously reclaim things that I've loved in the past but let go.

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