Monday, February 22, 2010

Productive Crafts

Crafts have been going well.  I finished my crochet market bag.  So far I've used it to go Sunday service - tossing in my water bottle and clutch purse.  It is super stretchy which is nice, but it does get misshapened as a result.  Still it is functional and I did it!

I also started and finished my yarn bag.  I plan to keep my projects inside for protection.  I opted to make it a small so if I have a large project I'll have to use a tote bag.  So far all my projects would fit inside.

I found these two fabrics which were quirky together.  I loved the spiral pattern especially.  My camera and I have been fighting lately.  Perhaps it is operator error or perhaps camera malfunction.  Most the pictures I shot while in production came out blurry. 

Assembling the bag.

I usually don't work from patterns.  I get an idea, sketch it out in my head, maybe sketch it out on paper and just start cutting.  Yes, sometimes there are words to be had, sometimes I stop speaking to myself and there is a lot of hmming going on.  But working patternless is a little freeing.  It also gives me a chance to problem solve on the fly.

This bag is roughly 14" by 10."  The bottom is cut and pieced so that it will sit on a table supported by whatever is inside.

Swirl Fabric:
outside main panels
inside notion pocket
magnetic catch link

Polka Dots:
bottom gusset
top trim
The inside pocket is divided it up into one larger compartment for scissors needles, etc and then four long narrow pockets for crochet hooks or pens.

Can I just say that I'm very pleased to have my old friend back with me? 
I haven't done any real sewing since before grad school - 2005!  Before that I sewed all the time.  Mister didn't know that I could do this (in his own words).  Well, look out Mister! 

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