Tuesday, February 23, 2010


First crochet class was last night.  Granted, I have not been feeling great since Saturday but I went anyway.  I was hopeful to learn new stitches, find community, and get out of the house for a few hours.  I did learn to make granny squares and half double stitch.  But I didn't find community.  There were only four students in class - three of them came together.  The teacher wasn't very helpful or knowledgeable.  I was hoping for discussion, yarn talk, yarn shop talk, etc.  She came in with her bargain big box shop yarn.  While I myself have some bargain yarn, I try to shop the yarn stores as much as possible.  The quality is better and I'm supporting local business.


Here are my granny squares.  The blue was made in class and I did skip two double crochet stitches on my first round (you can see it on the left hand inside middle).  I didn't have time in the practice part of the class to rip out and go back.  When I got home I pulled out scrap sock yarn to try it smaller scale.  I've mixed feelings about granny squares.  They seem dated and slightly tacky.  Hmm, perhaps I should look for contemporary uses for them.  I just think afghan that smells like old lady decor and slightly musty.

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