Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Intentional 2010

A blog I used to follow had this challenge up for the new year.  Basically you pick a theme or something you want to work on for the new year.

"It's called the "Year Of ______ 2010" (obviously the year changes every year). You choose only one word to describe your year for 2010. Maybe something you know will happen, maybe something you want to work on. Some people pick literal things (Year Of Fitness) and others more metaphysical (Year of Courage)."

My start to 2010 has undoubtedly put me behind in such thinking.  I've been too busy trying to live and walking with death to really think about other matters.  However I liked setting an intention for the year.  My husband and I did talk about it however and this is what we came up with.

2010 will be the Year of Adventure (travel)
To that end we have already made several trips:
Ste. Genevive
Cape Girardeau
San Francisco

We are planning trips to Arizona (reconnect with family) and to Europe this summer.

Personally, I have been working/meditating on detachment.  Today the word compassion came as well so I'll add that to my daily thoughts.  How can I grow to be more compassionate with myself - because all things must begin at home.  How can I cultivate more compassionate with and for others.  A big offering for this year.

To support ourselves in growth both separate and together, my husband and I believe we may have found a faith community to settle down in.  It is open enough to work for me and structured enough to work for him.  We had some truely wonderful conversation in a small group, felt very welcomed, and relaxed into the peace of silence, song, personal stories and thought/growth provoking words.  There are many forms of prayer and they know this here.

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