Monday, February 15, 2010

I Finished My First Crochet Project!

I'm done!  I did it!  I'm awesome!  Pictures tomorrow.

Immediately after finishing my scarf I began my next project and ended in a pissy spitting match with the yarn, hook and my stupid fingers.  I switched hooks and I switched yarn.  I reread the directions.  I couldn't do it!  My results were so tight and unworkable that I could get the hook in to make the stitches.  I felt stupid and humble.  Perhaps I'm not meant to crochet.  Maybe I need to chance the class I'm starting next week.

I read my new favorite blog and found that the author was struggling with knitting.  Oh timely post.  I'm struggling with crocheting AND with knitting (because I haven't learned how to do that yet either).

So then I thought about it.  I did a more complicated double crochet stitch on my scarf.  It wasn't easy at first.  I started over a thousand times.  Once when I had about four inches of fabric I realized that I had made yet another mistake.  So I began pulling it all out.  Mister who was sitting next to me became alarmed - "WHAT are you doing?"  Still I got my German out and began again.  I watched You Tube how to videos, I tried, tried and tried.  And now I have a scarf. 

So why couldn't I managed to do a single crochet stitch?  After reading the before mentioned blog I decided to hit You Tube again.  I watched in amazement as a woman demonstrated this stitch which I could not do.  And you know something MY FREAKING DIRECTIONS SKIPPED A WHOLE STUPID FREAKING STEP!!!  I wasn't stupid, I wasn't not destined for crocheting greatness.  My simple beginner's purse is still in sight for this beginner.  I have the knowledge of the forbidden to write about and publish in the stupid beginner's book missing step.  Crochet bastards. 

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