Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Am I Bipolar?

Last night I was buzzing around the house trying to do assorted tasks and projects.  I couldn't settle in and do just one - oh no I had to do them all.  Mister was watching me going to and fro and shaking his head at me.  Finally I sat down on the bed for five minutes and began crocheting.  My mind was still racing - garden plans, the growing need for a bag to hold my yarn and projects, healthy eating, getting my book on tape ready for the car for the morning, all my to dos, what time should I get up in the morning, etc.  I began to feel manic with my positive energy.  Oh god - what I'm bipolar.  I've had the high highs and the low lows, but that could just be a combo of grief and illness.  I asked Mister if he thought I was bipolar.  Him being the comforting sort laughed at me and agreed I seemed quite manic.  Lovely.  Helpful. Supportive. Husband. 

I don't really think I'm bipolar.  I think that for the first time in months I'm excited about my life and looking forward to the offerings.  I do think that I'm rather obsessed.  Last night my left wrist was hurting me so badly that I smeared on Bio-freeze and then put my carpel tunnel brace on and continued to crochet.  My chiropractor expressed joking reservations about my crochet.  She suggested that I take up finger painting with my feet in order to give my poor wrists, arms, shoulders and neck a break.  Apparently the fine motor task of hand work isn't so good for my aches.  And I'm only 33.

My weekend is already being planned jammed packed with home projects.  Since Mister moved his office out of the basement we have a nice large part open and ready for something.  I've missed having a craft room since moving out of a house nine years ago.  My poor sewing machine has seldom seen the light of day since then.  It is just not convenient to working at the dining table.  So I have plans to claim the space for a craft dungeon.  Guess the worms and I will be shaking up soon.  I can't wait to have a sewing space, cutting table and bead desk again.  Finally finally finally.  Since I did have a manic moment yesterday I decided to give my brain a rest and write down all my projects that I currently have up in the air.

Assemble sewing/craft dungeon
Fill in gaps in the beginnings of the garden plan book
keep working on crochet bag - finished the front panel today!
Assemble yarn bag
Work on photo archiving
Make siblings family history & picture cds
Archive family documents
Continue working on genealogy

Yoga class starts tomorrow!  After a 3-4 year hiatus, I am finally getting back to part of my life that helped me loose weight, feel great and maintain focus.  Yay!

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  1. I really want to start yoga again. Maybe I'll find time eventually...